Coffee Subscriptions

About Our Subscriptions 

We have recently implemented an new system for subscription customers. Subscriptions are created and then automatically renew according to your selected delivery interval.  The products will be automatically sent out for delivery after each successful renewal.  For example, if you started a monthly subscription, then the system will automatically charge your credit card each month and you will get the products to your doorstep each month, without the need to place the order by yourself!

Please note: all subscriptions receive 5% discount with minimum of 3 payments. i.e. for a monthly subscription, the minimum length before you can cancel is three 3 months or 3 renewals.

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Can I pause, edit or cancel a subscription?

You can pause, edit or cancel a subscription any time you want via the customer portal or just contact us and we can help you. 

What happens if the payment can't be processed?

If the subscription can't be renewed because a payment can't be processed, then you will receive an email with a link, where you can safely update your payment method or double check their are sufficient funds available for the card on file. 

Will my subscription incur any freight charges?

The same rules apply for subscription customer as for one off purchases.  Each subscription renewal is treated as a separate order for freight purposes i.e. a subscription of 1kg Black Rabbit will receive FREE shipping renewal as the order is over $50, however, an subscriptions of 250g of Black Rabbit going to an urban area will incur a $5 freight charge.  Click here for a full freight details

Please let us know if you need any further information relating to coffee subscriptions my emailing us.