Gift Box & Accommodation Offer

If you have a Gift Box company, or an Airbnb or accommodation based business, and pride yourself on delivering a high quality experience for your customers, then we'd love to hear from you. We offer a range of different coffee solutions so let us know your requirements and we'll tailor a plan to suit.

We have also just launched our beautifully designed and convenient 40g plunger tubes (enough for two small plungers) which is enough for quests staying one to two nights.

We use a New Zealand ordering platform called 'Upstock,' which allows our customers to order their coffee efficiently. Plus, it's free for you! All your orders are saved and you can reorder with one tap, followed by real time status updates on your orders.

If you're serious about offering a top quality experience for your customers (and want to support local) we'd love to hear from you or jump on Upstock and request to connect with us there.